October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. I teamed together with Netflix and created these pillows and tote bags to help tweens and families stand up together against bullying.


Materials you will need:

12” or 18” pillow insert (available at Walmart)

Light-colored, cotton tote bag (available at craft stores)

Sharpie colored markers

Rubbing alcohol


Straight pins

Paper letter stencils


Piece of cardboard or wood

Access to computer and printer

How to:

Type and print out short empowering quotes of your choice in a block font on basic computer paper. Cut out the individual letter stencils, place them on the pillow insert or tote bag. When you are satisfied with the spacing, attach them to the pillow insert or tote bag with straight pins. If you’re working with a tote bag, place a piece of cardboard or wood inside of it to prevent the ink from penetrating to the backside. Begin with one corner of your pillow insert or tote bag and draw small designs, such as circles, shapes and flowers with the colored Sharpie markers, being careful not to draw under or too close your stencil letters. Fill the eyedropper with rubbing alcohol and begin placing one drop at a time on your design. Watch as the rubbing alcohol smears the Sharpie ink. The more alcohol drops you use, the bigger the smear. Use the tip of your eyedropper to help push the ink on the fabric to fill in your design. Complete a small area of your design a little at a time, and then immediately begin placing alcohol drops on this section of your design, so the ink stays wet.  Continue drawing on the rest of your pillow and placing alcohol drops on the ink as you go. Once your design is complete, trace the outline of your letters – do not use alcohol on your letter outlines. Remove the pins. If you like, color in letters with colored Sharpies. Let your pillow or tote bag dry overnight.