October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. I teamed together with Netflix and created these magnets to show your child that there is a superhero in each and every one of us.

Superhero Magnet


Materials you will need:

Magnetic adhesive sheet (available at craft stores)

Magnetic tape or circles (heavier weight/thicker than magnetic sheet above)

Scotch tape

Photo of your child in their best “superhero” pose

Multiple colored pieces of cardstock

Tracing paper

Black colored pencil




Access to camera or Smartphone, computer and printer

How to:

Take a photo of your child in his/her best “superhero” pose. Print out your photo to at least a 5”x7” size. Cut out your child’s outline from the photo. Using a thin layer of glue, adhere the photo to magnetic sheet. Let dry. Cut the magnetic sheet around your child’s photo outline so it is the same shape as your photo. Make stencils for your superhero outfits by placing tracing paper over the photo magnet. Create stencils by drawing shirt, pants, and shoes to size on the tracing paper. Cut out each article of clothing and use scotch tape to adhere the tracing paper on to different colored cardstock. Cut out clothing from the cardstock and add embellishments to them, such as cuffs, utility belt, and symbols. Make a cape by cutting two triangle shapes out of cardstock and placing them on each side behind the shirt. Draw and cut out a mask shape. Use tips of your scissors to cut out the eyes of the mask. Give your costume pieces a cartoon feel and outline them in black-colored pencil. With your scissors, cut pieces of magnetic tape (or use magnetic circles) and glue them to the back of your costume pieces. (The magnetic tape or circles should be a heavier weight/thicker than the magnetic sheet you used for your child’s photo.) Place your child’s photo outline and costume pieces on your refrigerator door and let your child’s imagination soar.