Kindness Punch Box

How do your teach kids to be kind? Like everything else, make it a game! I teamed up with Netflix and designed this Kindness Punch Box. How does it work? Have you child punch through each tissue-papered hole on your Punch Box to pull out various acts of kindness suggestions for a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Here are some random acts of kindness ideas to challenge your family:

  1. Smile at everyone you meet
  2. Open the door for people you meet
  3. Give at least 3 compliments today
  4. Write thank you letter(s)
  5. Clean out your closets and donate gently-used clothes and toys to a shelter Make military packages to send to our troops (Visit for more details.)
  6. Make home-made popsicles to give to friends in the neighborhood
  7. Clean up litter on your street or in your neighborhood
  8. Place a flower on cars in a parking lot or in your neighborhood
  9. Play or talk with someone new
  10. Let someone else go in front of you in line
  11. Make someone laugh with a silly joke

How to make the Kindness Punch Box:

Kindness Punch Box

Materials needed:

Two standard size sturdy poster boards


Circle cutter (optional)


Tissue paper in various colors

Shipping tape

Masking tape


Cardstock or construction paper

12 brown paper bags


Kindness Punch Box

Step 1:

With your ruler, measure how large your poster board is. Use your nifty math skills to figure out where to place your 12 circles. I cut out a four-inch circle to help me figure it out.  Like my dad always says, measure twice, cut once. I drew lines across the poster board to make sure everything was even. If you don’t have a circle cutter, trace your four-inch circle onto the poster board.

Step 2

Step 2:

Use your circle cutter or scissors to cut the 12 circles out from the poster board.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 3:

Cut 12 six-inch squares of tissue paper.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 4:

Cut about three inches off the top of a brown paper bag.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 5:

Cut flaps around the top edge of the bag so when you fold the flaps they fan around the bag.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 6:

With your masking tape, tape the tissue squares over the poster board circles.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 7:

Cut out 12 cardstock strips and write one kindness challenge on each of 12 strips.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 8:

Place one challenge in each brown paper bag. Tape the bag’s flaps over the tissue paper on the back of the poster board.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 9:

Cut your second poster board in two.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 10:

Fold one-inch of your poster board over lengthwise. Do this on each of your halves. With your packing tape, tape the folded side of one of the poster board halves to the edge of the main part of the punch box. Repeat with the second half on the other edge of the punch box.

Kindness Punch Box

Step 11:

The edge of the poster board will need more fastening. Loop a piece few pieces of packing tape and place them in between the two poster boards to hold in place.

Project complete! Let the challenges begin!

Kindness Punch Box