From Care Bears to Transformers, all of our favorite childhood memories, characters and activities are making a come back. I teamed up with Netflix for some throwback excitement that you and your kids will have a fun time making together. Turn on your oven because we’re making Shrinky Dink charm necklaces – WHA!?!

Shrinky Dink - Step 1

Materials needed:

Shrinky Dink paper (available at Michaels or on – I chose the frosted kind for some old school fun.

Colored pencils



Hole puncher

Brown paper bag

Old chain necklace or cord

Glass pan or cookie sheet


Shrinky Dink - Step 2

Step 1.

Use the colored pencils to draw or trace designs. Cut out your designs and use the hole puncher to create a hole on the top of each design.


Shrinky Dink - Step 3

Step 2.

Cut a brown paper bag to the size of your glass pan or cookie sheet. Place it inside the glass pan or cookie sheet. Place your designs on the brown paper.

Step 3.

Place Shrinky Dinks in a preheated 325° oven. Turn on the oven light and watch as they shrink. Bake for 1-3 minutes. Note: The designs will curl and move, but don’t worry, they will fall back to their original shape. Remove from oven and let cool.

Shrinky Dink - Step 4

Step 4.

Thread your charms onto a chain necklace or cord.