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There’s no better time to teach teamwork than when the “Games” are on. I joined forces with Netflix to create these easy-to-make, oven-baked clay medals that can be used again and again. Be inspired to create your own friendly competitions in your home or backyard and cheer on everyone in your family.

Materials needed:

Polymer clay in gold, silver and bronze (I used Sculpey brand)

Rolling pin



Plastic bead necklace (for design imprints on the medals)

Circle cookie cutter (or use the rim of a glass)


How to create medals:

  1. Use a rolling pin to flatten out the polymer clay to ¼ inch thickness. Press the cookie cutter into the clay and press down to create a circle. 
  2. 2. Using a knife, cut out a small rectangle on the top of the clay circle. (This is where the ribbon will thread through.) Etch the place number into the clay. Press the plastic bead necklace around the edge of the clay circle to imprint bead design around the edge. Repeat steps 1-3 for all three of your gold, silver and bronze medals. 
  3. 3. Place the clay medals into a glass Pyrex dish and bake in the oven according to clay’s package direction.4
  4. 4. Once the clay circles are cooled completely, thread a ribbon through the medal and tie around your child’s neck. 5

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